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Mariantonia Castaldo: born to sing

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Mariantonia Castaldo: born to sing

Mariantonia Castaldo, singer-songwriter, interpreter, professional chorister.

She was born in Naples in 1988.

His passion for singing is evident from the first months of his life.

When she was only 9 months old, her mother heard her singing around the house and this aroused amazement in her at a very tender age.

In fact, Mariantonia often says that she first learned to sing and then to speak.

Given her innate talent, her parents decide to let her take singing lessons.

Thus began his studies at the age of 6.

Over the years he has continued to study acquiring numerous certificates and diplomas in music academies and with nationally renowned singing teachers.

Over the years he also approaches composition, writing unpublished songs, many of which have a strong social commitment, such as “Woman in my own way” which has as its theme the acceptance of a trans girl.

The debut in the professional world takes place thanks to participation in national and international competitions (including Latin America and the United States).

He participates in the television program “Amici” in 2013 and in 2016 he takes part in the singing concourse of Castrocaro distinguishing himself in a particular way.

Thanks to Castrocaro for two consecutive years 2017 and 2018 she becomes the official chorister of the radio and television format After the Sanremo Festival “in the club”, the social room of Rai Radio Due, performing live with the likes of LP, Mario Biondi, Michele Zarrillo, Noemi, Ermal meta, Roy Paci, Diodato, Fabrizio Moro and Lo Stato Sociale and many others.

In November 2022 he took part in the “the voice” format aboard the Tuscan Coast, where the previous year the Sanremo Festival was held, winning a well-deserved first place by popular acclaim, receiving a standing ovation from the judges present.

For the new year, a new album of unreleased songs entirely composed by herself is scheduled to be released.

His passions are not limited to music, in fact painting is one of his great gifts, exhibiting his paintings in various exhibitions in the Campania region.

During the lockdown he develops an aptitude for creating handcrafted jewelry, the line takes the name of “Enaime Dream”.

Mariantonia is also very involved in the social field, specifically she becomes a “Leidaa”Volunteer, an Italian league for animal defense and the environment, carrying out together with other volunteers rescue operations for abandoned and abused dogs, showing a marked sensitivity towards others.

Adorable Mariantonia!

Beautiful, talented, sensitive and generous.

You deserve the success you have and so much more and you will have it.


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