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Marco Cantone: here is his artistic career

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Marco Cantone: here is his artistic career

Marco Cantone was born in Naples on 17/04/92.

From an early age his marked propensity for art in general is evident, especially for drawing.

In fact, his first drawing caused a stir among the kindergarten teachers, because he created a very detailed Santa Claus completely done by hand, which is unusual for that age.

He immediately understood that drawing would be part of his life at any moment and unconditionally.

Marco so decided to enroll in the artistic high school, to perfect himself.

Drawing, however, was not his only passion.

In fact, thanks to his maternal grandfather, Marco became passionate about cinema and later also music.

In fact, later he will take drum lessons.

For a while he concentrated all his attention on this instrument.

Coming from a very modest family, Marco begins to provide himself financially to pay for his studies for his passions, doing odd jobs such as markets, helping fishmongers, house painters, leaflets and many others.

Marco, however, understands that this is not his way, and so he starts with those little money raised to invest them in what has always been his first love and that it would have been his future way.

So he bought a Tattoo machine and started tattooing at the age of 19, using friends and relatives as “guinea pigs”.

Marco discovers a real talent in drawing on human skin, and day after day, year after year, he works through sleepless nights to become better and better.

The turning point in the world of tattooing comes in 2013 after about 1 year of tattooing and arrives in London, one of the most popular destinations for international artists, and Marco hopes to be among those highly acclaimed names.

This journey creates great expectations in him, so much so that he devotes his entire life to achieving the goals he had set for himself.

Thanks to this perseverance at the tattoo convention, held in Naples in 2015, Marco wins the prize for the most beautiful design.

Thanks to this, his presence at the convention that was to be held the following year, again in his Naples, is ensured.

From here the doors to a new world open up for him, and having the need to improve, he starts traveling between London, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland….

Among the stops are New York and Los Angeles
where Marco attends the Conventions together with the most important artists in the Among the many satisfactions comes one in particular that will combine his two passions, music and tattoo, since the great singer Nate James will tattoo in 2019, from this meeting a great friendship will be born.
Other important names are added to the list of artists Tattooed by Marco, among these various players.
Marco still tries to refine his technique more and more, and hopes for many other collaborations.
He is currently planning new seminars where he will teach his personal techniques in a school in London.
Marco will certainly continue his journey abroad and to bring his art around the world.

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